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Risf factors in teen dating violence

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A 2009 study of sixth-grade students found that 25% thought it was acceptable for boys to hit their girlfriends. More than one fourth of the boys with girlfriends said they had been physically aggressive (punching, slapping) with her. The other thing about that variable: community mattering doesn’t just relate to dating violence, but also to a host of other academic and other variables.Youth who report feeling like they matter report less depression and higher academic achievement.Pro 2002 Support Source Math Facts in a Flash Server Software Edition F16 Slingshot Boris FX Continuum Complete Raster Vect 7.1 Smartparts 7" Digital Picture Frame Xbox 360 - Gears Of War 2 Oliver's Action Pack 1.5 for Windows CE Nikon D80 Digital SLR (Body Only) San Disk 2GB SD Memory Card Or CAD 15.7 (2CDs) Guitar Hero Aerosmith for Playstation 2 i Pod. 0 Sm,art Of-fice, Keyboa'rd Optimus* 7" D'Phot*o Fram.e M.en's Col,umbia C -and Do.uble_ Whammy -Pa'rkas Ath-ena L_ibr ary M,anag*ement_ Syst*em Sing'le/. 2.6 _F_isher Pri c,e Activit y- Walker C isc-o Air*onet '1200* Seri'es Acces s Po*int Mi,c.rosoft V*isua,l F ox Pro 6..0 , Java ME o,n Sy,mbi,an OS: t_he Sm*artpho'ne M'odel Di.amo*ndback '"O_utlook " or ,"Lus-tre" 2 6" Bi*ke B-ento C'raig Por,tab,le Com.pac,t Disc P*l_ayer 'Artific-ial Eth*ics: _Mor al C,onscien*ce-, Awar-eness an d* Consc'ienc_ousness- Ph'aros PDR-_20-0 GPS , Nav'igati-on Syste m Wi.ndow_s 98SE' Magna,vo,x Blu-ray* D-isc Pl ayer Fl'ame.les,s LED C.andle_ Pil'lars . Vul_can Pra,G,uide T-o The W*iring Regu*latio*ns 4E AVer. 5 _Lexmark X 7675, A'll-in-O ne Prin*ter Comsoc, Poc,ket- Guide *To M.anaging.Tele-co_mmun-ications, Proje'cts PS3*900X*V Storage Ar-ea N etwor k Cuddl Janes- 2-p c Long- Jo,hn Set.We also found that teens who reported high levels of “community mattering”—feeling significant to their community, feeling like they mattered to teachers and parents—those kids reported lower levels of dating violence, which I think is really important, because that’s modifiable.There are certain things we can do to help you feel important.

Those are just some of the findings in a new report from the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire.

And some of the bigger findings in this study that you conducted (along with Angela Neal) is that nearly one in 10 New Hampshire teens (9.1 percent) reported being the victim of physical dating violence. Certainly what we found is that teens who were in more impoverished communities in New Hampshire had higher rates of dating violence, which is consistent with a number of other studies that have been conducted, both with youth and adults.

And more than one in 10 New Hampshire teens reported being a victim of sexual dating violence. We actually found in New Hampshire what we’re seeing in other studies.

Assuistant Professor Katie Edwards is one of the authors of the study. Researchers typically looked at things like peer group norms and prevalent attitudes towards violence in relationships, but you took a different approach. We saw it close to zero in some schools while in other schools it was 15 percent.

What I really wanted to do was to try to look more specifically at whether there are kids in New Hampshire who are at greater risk for dating violence. I also wanted to go beyond attitudes and knowledge and look more at school and community characteristics that may serve as risk or protective factors for dating violence. For sexual dating violence, it was close to zero up to 17 percent.