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None user warn kernel driver sd needs updating

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Before installing, it is important to remember that the Free NAS® operating system must be installed on a separate device from the drive(s) that will hold the storage data.

In other words, if you only have one disk drive you will be able to use the Free NAS® graphical interface but won’t be able to store any data, which after all, is the whole point of a NAS system.

mac OS comes with read-only support for NTFS; its disabled-by-default write support for NTFS is unstable.

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Linux and BSD have a free and open-source driver for NTFS with both read and write functionality.

This has several important consequences: Despite the size, the ORx system will automatically expand to take up the entire card on first boot, so no space is wasted.

You can use as large a card as you wish to increase the storage capacity.

The new image includes a version of Librarian that provides the tuner configuration interface with convenient presets for our existing transponders and C-band support (China).

The new image includes drivers and firmware for several satellite tuners and wifi devices.