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A flush toilet is a toilet that disposes of human excreta (urine and feces) by using water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location for disposal, thus maintaining a separation between humans and their excreta.

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All Kitty said was that the PI discovered this man had torched his own car after HE HIMSELF reported it stolen.

They went on to say that there are still no named suspects in the case. I wish the parents could post a picture of the back of the vehicle.

https://gov/missing/person/jo...-david-reynoso https://gov/missing/person/audrey-louise-moran Rq C.facebook https:// Not sure if this is okay to post, but I took a screenshot of the video from KMIR.

I believe this is the "new photo" they described that "puts the whole timeline in question" JMO also, the video special did not mention the other boyfriend by name or give at other specifics about his car or when/where/what happened to it.

by Ella San Jose Rodriguez - EMPRESS SCHUCK [ Actress ] AND ME - Kapit Bahay Namin Dati Ngayon Artista Na Sya . Kaya Pumunta Sya Dito Samin Para Mag Share Ng BLessings Na Natanggap Nya . Kaya Namigay Sya Ng Mga Gifts Empress Schuck: ABS-CBN's "Empress of Drama" After so many years, Empress Schuck will finally have a teleserye of her own via ABS-CBN Star TV's Rosalka.

"Pero masaya na rin po kasi parang kasi ngayon parang na-realize ko na ito na 'to, malapit na," she said.

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So is polyamorous just another name for open marriage or swingers? I personally cannot comprehend it, but I am literally so insecure that a normal romantic relationship pretty much gives me hives. How is that a healthy arrangement for a lasting relationship?

Empress, who has been in show business for almost 10 years, has proven her acting ability by playing challenging roles in several memorable Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes. Parang ngayon lang po ako naging proud sa sarili ko," the 17-year-old actress told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the press when asked about how she felt being formally launched as an actress.

She was even dubbed as the "Empress of Drama" during the media conference prepared for her yesterday, April 14, at the i Republik restaurant on Tomas Morato, Quezon city.

As the pic was being sold the 'Pic that would throw the whole timeline into question'. I think law enforcement is keeping things tight lipped because they have information. Otherwise I feel like they would be all over the media with search parties, reminders of the reward, requests for tips. I am not a criminologist (although I double majored sociology and criminal justice with a concentration in criminology) but a person of interest is someone who may have info on the crime.

Absent Kitty Alvarado's segments and the mothers' Facebook posts, there isn't a huge presence regarding this case here in the desert. Did Audrey know why Jonathon went to Brawley and was it the first time? Not one of Jonathon's friends have anything to say about Audrey, as if they did not know her. Could be because they are a suspect but a POI is NOT necessarily a suspect. Perhaps Audrey told her sister Beaumont (or even Banning) and she confused it for Brawley.