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Basically, trying too hard to be persuasive won't help; the simpler you keep it, the better.An effective cover letter goes roughly like this: Dear (correct name of the person addressed, found in an up-to-date copy of the Writers and Artists Yearbook - the standard industry directory, available from big bookshops and public libraries, and a book you can't do without), Please find enclosed my novel (name of your work) for your consideration.Through time, most moms overcome this phase; however, majority of them don’t know exactly where to find new love.Through the advancement of technology and availability of the internet, fortunately, finding a new mate has never been more possible and easier!To this end, I'm drawing on my experiences as an overworked editor to give you the perspective of the people you'll be trying to win over as plainly as possible. Here's what you need to know about your cover letter: 1.Adding the caveat that this is only based on my own experience and others may vary, I've cobbled together a list of dos and don'ts - or at least, one do and a lot of don'ts. It won't convince someone to take on a book they don't like. It may put people off your work if you sound cranky.

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Beautiful People will offer a well-stocked bar along with a selection of lean meats and a raw food menu.Below are surefire tips for single mothers looking for that elusive true love and nailing it.More often than not, it is hard to meet new people if you’re just waiting your relatives, friends, or acquaintances to introduce you to someone new.As I’ve gained experience on the dance floor, I’ve realized that many of the principles of swing dance can be applied to relationships between men and women.Granted, I’m no pro at either, as I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in both dance and romance.“We will take the same ethos into this project as we did when we launched the dating site.