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Creating self updating applications with the net framework

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Next, these files are moved from the temporary folder into the application folder, replacing the outdated files (the outdated files are copied into a backup folder, beforehand).If everything goes well, Wm Auto Update creates a file called "success" within the backup folder.Wm Auto Update ============ Wm Auto Update is an auto-update application framework, which can be used in . Usage ============ Consider the example folder for a simple example of how to use the framework.

Squirrel creates Nu Get packages for the full installation and delta updates.static void Main() Upon start, the Wm Auto Update framework kicks in and downloads the XML file "update.xml" from the update server.The file looks as follows: Pretty self-explanatory.Windows apps should be as fast and as easy to install and update as apps like Google Chrome.From an app developer's side, it should be really straightforward to create an installer for my app, and publish updates to it, without having to jump through insane hoops.Squirrel is an open source tool that handles the installation and updating of a Windows desktop application.