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Die Lost Art-Internet-Datenbank dient der Erfassung von Kulturgütern, die infolge der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft und der Ereignisse des Zweiten Weltkriegs verbracht, verlagert oder – insbesondere jüdischen Eigentümern – verfolgungsbedingt entzogen wurden.
Megan Mullally, Offerman's real-life wife, played his character's ex-wife Tammy Swanson, and Poehler's former husband Will Arnett made an appearance as a man on a blind date with Leslie.

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The People A long struggle for independence has given the Vietnamese a deep sense of national pride.

Vietnamese value their independence and history and offended by people who ignore or violate either.

The desire to work individually under personal initiative was suppressed by the Czarist and Communist states.

With the advent of perestroika (restructuring), the Soviet/Communist value system has been scrapped, but the pace of reform has been slow and many are finding it very difficult to adapt to the Western values of individualism and profit maximization.

Families are very strong and help each other in all needs.

Meeting and Greeting Adapted from material compiled by Window on the World, a cross-cultural training and consulting firm.

After hearing of someone's tragic loss, it's only proper to try and make them feel better with a gift.

But how can you be sure to strike the right chord of sympathy?

Beyond these few guidelines, guests should be arranged in the way that the host feels will be most congenial for conversation.Older Russians are generally quite pessimistic and don't have much faith in a better life in the future.Younger urban Russians have adopted a more Western outlook on life.So, if you are served a salad first, use the fork set to the far left of your plate.For more information on the rest of the top 10 table manners tips, visit our table manners section.Most Vietnamese have an interest in all things American.