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Now, this is the role Aubrey Plaza was born to play.

In Life After Beth, written and directed by Plaza's real-life boyfriend of many years Jeff Baena (who co-wrote I Heart Huckabees), the Parks and Recreation star finds her first great synergy with a big-screen character as a girl who comes back from the dead but doesn't realize she's dead and keeps trying to date her bereft boyfriend (Dane De Haan).

The funny couple was a delight to talk to, and their oddball humour took some crazy turns during the interview.

This was their first interview together in Canada, and Aubrey jokes, “We broke up this morning”.

Jeff Baena was born in Miami, Florida, USA on 29 June 1977.

He grew up in South Florida, and later studied film at New York University. Baena has been dating actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza since 2011. After working with Zemeckis, Baena took a job as an assistant editor for writer/director David O. After a year and a half of working together, a minor car accident injured one of Baena's eyes.

Jeff Baena, whose only previous work is penning the existential dramedy I Heart Huckabees had written the script for Life After Beth ten years ago, and the film only took off now, as Jeff explains“I wrote it in 2003, and I tried to get it going in 2003-2004 and it almost happened and then fell apart, so I shelved it.

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But when Plaza, the “Parks and Recreation” star, decided that she liked “Life After Beth,” a spec that Baena had written years ago, his filmmaking dreams were set in motion.Jeff Baena directed real-life girlfriend Plaza in the zombie rom-com and her co-star Dane De Haan tells The Wrap: “In the first couple days Jeff came up to Aubrey and said, ‘I really like that part where you suck his finger, can you do that more?'” How’s this for symmetry: Jeff Baena’s script for a zombie rom-com called “Life After Beth” was brought back from the dead after his real-life girlfriend, Aubrey Plaza, decided she wanted to star as the movie’s zombie girlfriend, Beth. Baena, 37, had early success as the writer of the David O.See Video: Aubrey Plaza Rises from the Dead in First ‘Life After Beth’ Trailer Plaza stars as the title character, a girl who dies before the movie even begins.Her boyfriend, Dane De Haan, spends much of his time mourning with Beth’s parents (John C.One of those four scripts was I Heart Huckabees, which Russell directed in 2004.