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It was about the size of the Cape’s largest ponds and only 20 minutes from Portland. I remember as a child that every few years he would go out on a Saturday morning.
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Are you dating a car salesman

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I know you can bank it in most sales, I used to sell computers and made a small fortune, but cars?I know you can bank it in most sales, I used to sell computers and made a small fortune, but cars? First of all, you can't believe half of the advertisements in papers saying 100k income a year.When you get to the high end stores, it is not uncommon to have the average salary being 70k plus a year with some guys making 200k a year.I have been in the business for about two to three years and I make 150k a year, not including bonuses from the factore of another 25k a year possibly.While they may carry a bad image it is more of the exception and not the norm.Even though you may not be dealing with Slick Willy when you purchase your next vehicle it is important to remember that they are still in sales and it is their job to sell you something. The best thing you can do is to go into the vehicle buying situation with information.Your adore the slightly puritanical law that disallows car dealership to be open on Sundays. He would reappear somewhat disheveled around PM and spend Sundays mowing the lawn and doing other such dad stuff. I seem to recall lots of pot-roast-making.) How that man did not drink, I will never know.

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Warning sign: loves board games It's hard to have a relationship with someone who won't open up and communicate. Save yourself the trouble and go after someone who's single or one of the few brave souls who have already escaped the wizard's wintry lair.

If you're dating someone who is emotionally unavailable--get ready for some serious sci-fi junk because you are not dating a real human being. Warning sign: Has a rivalry with an evil ice wizard and/or has a spouse The Rebounder is the used car salesman of dating.

They don’t need to know if you plan on buying a car today, this week or next week. People are more vulnerable under high-pressure when alone so having others there with you can reduce the chances you rush into a decision. If you are using the phone to call around with questions during your preliminary shopping it is the salesman’s job to get you into the showroom.

If they sense urgency they will immediately realize they have some additional bargaining power. This can also help to ensure the salesperson is completely forthright. They may lure you in with specials or deals that may or may not exist so it is up to you to do your due diligence beforehand and strictly get the facts you are looking for.