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Application screenupdating not working

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Screen Updating = FALSE at the begininnig and turn it back on at the end but it still making the screen show everything can anyone help. Open Filename:= _ "P: OFFICERisk OPTIONSOptions Control Function Risk Analysis emplate euribor risk module.xls" Windows("Euribor risk module.xls").

This is my code, however whenever the macro is run the screen still updates, is there anything that could be causing this?

Range Dim First Address As String Dim Excel Was Not Running As Boolean Dim Workbook To Work On As String Dim Word FN As String Dim Excel FN As String Dim a Col As Integer Dim Ex Fn List As String Application. You might need to create a Word doc called May2008, then go into C:\and put say May2008 in C5, you will also have to create word docs called travel expenses.doc, training in c:\forms.

Worksheets(1) 'Find last cell with data in column A. It will then print off these and update any of the fields.

The data range is being populated in an external workbook and i just set the VISIBLE = FALSE on that, So there is no file opening up / obviously no flickering now But i dont see any speed up here (how do i know if screen updating is working fine / coz there is no screenupdating happening for reasons mentioned above) Tarun, Will post the code shortly.

I've got a listbox which populates a second listbox from cells on a hidden worksheet which is done through macros.

I have tried setting screenupdating, displayalerts, displaystatusbar = false but i still get the message and it shows the macro going to the next doc. Are you using office 2007 and when you run the code you are running in debug mode? You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.i have written so code that opens a spreadsheet and runs some macro from the new speadsheet and copys info over to the other spreed sheet i have Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Manual Ch Dir "P: OFFICERisk OPTIONSOptions Control Function Risk Analysis" Workbooks.Screen Updating stays as False and speed up my macros Ideally, if Application.Screen Updating = False how do i differentiate that from Application.I have tried moving the screenupdating, displayalerts, displaystatusbar to different parts of the doc but i still get this. Display Status Bar = False For Each o Story In Current Doc. (that doesn't let you turn off screen updating..least I haven't found a way to do so for debuggin in 2007)Hey Malik thanks for your reply. Text End With Unload frm Title Set frm Title = Nothing Call Update Story Ranges(Active Document) Call Sheet Print Out Application.